Rules and Bye-Laws



1.         The league shall be named “Carlsberg-Tetley (North) Saturday Bowling League”.


2.         All clubs must be members of their County Bowling Association and must play under British Crown Green Bowling Association Laws.


3. a)     The League Management Committee will consist of the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Fixture Secretary and Secretary/Treasurer, together with a delegate from each team.  Delegates must be a registered bowler for the club that they represent at any league meeting.  Any team represented by a person who is not a registered bowler for the club will be deemed to have not been in attendance at the meeting and the appropriate fine will be levied. 


b)     The Chairman/Fixture Secretary and Secretary/Treasurer cannot act as delegate for any team at a league meeting or the Annual General Meeting.


4.         Each team will have one vote and, if the voting is equal at any meeting, the Chairman will have the casting vote.


5.         There will be four League Management Meetings per year.  Any team that is not represented at a League Management Meeting will be fined £3 and the fine will be doubled for each consecutive meeting.  A written warning will be issued to any team missing three consecutive meetings advising the team that they risk expulsion from the league if they fail to be represented at the next meeting. 


6.         The Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and Fixture Secretary will serve in office for three years.


7.         The Annual General Meeting will be held before the end of the calendar year


8.         Teams not represented at the Annual General Meeting will be fined £10.


9.         New applications for membership must be forwarded to the Secretary along with a list of bowlers and a non-refundable deposit of £20 on or before the date of the Annual General Meeting.  The £20 deposit will be an instalment towards the registration fee for the first season.


10.          The Executive Committee will consist of the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Fixture Secretary, Secretary and Treasurer, plus two delegates from each division to be elected at the Annual General Meeting.


11.       All disputes must be reported to the Secretary by letter within 7 days of the event.


12.       The Executive Committee will make a decision that will be final on any unresolved disputes and may impose fines, if appropriate.


13.       Each team will consist of eight (8) players with a minimum age of 10 years.




14.       Each team may register as many players as they wish and must provide the Fixture Secretary with a registration list of players by 30th April. 

Note: Further registrations may be made during the season.  However, once a registered player has played a league match for a team they will not be allowed to bowl for another team during the remainder of the season.


15.          The Registration Fee for each team will be decided at the Annual General Meeting.


16.          Outstanding unpaid fines, at the end of each bowling season, will be deducted from any prize money due.


17.       Any team or individual not represented on Presentation Night will forfeit 50% of any monies due to them.


19.       The player with the most points from wins in each division will be awarded a divisional Individual Merit Trophy plus prize money.  Additionally, there will be prize money for the runner-up in each division.  One point will be awarded for each Home win and two points for each Away win.  In the event of players having the same number of points, the winners will be decided on aggregate scores.


20.       All league matches will commence at 2.00pm, unless otherwise mutually agreed.


21.       In League matches one league point will be awarded for each individual winner.   League matches will be decided on aggregate scores with 2 points awarded for a Home Win, 3 points for an Away Win, 2 points for an Away Draw and 1 point for a Home Draw.


22.       Any team failing to complete their fixtures, or causing any other team(s) to fail to fulfil their fixtures, will be deemed to have resigned from the League and will forfeit any prize monies which may be due to them. A team in this situation will then have to re-apply to become a member of the League in accordance with Rule 9.


23.       Any motion or alteration of rules or bye-laws must be submitted in writing to be received by the Secretary/Treasurer not less than one week before the Annual General Meeting.  Alterations to rules and bye-laws will only be made at either the Annual General Meeting or an Extraordinary Annual General Meeting.


24.       The Executive Committee may propose motions or alterations of rules or bye-laws for consideration at the Annual General Meeting.


25.       Any person found to be bringing the League into disrepute will be charged with the offence and will face a disciplinary hearing presided over by the Executive Committee.  If found guilty, the person and the Team they represent may face severe penalties.



Match Rules


26.       Practice of 15 minutes duration will be allowed in all matches.  The home team will vacate the green to allow visitors uninterrupted practice before the match commences.  The away team captain will be allowed the 15 minutes practice at the same time as the home team, if desired.


27.       Standard blocks will be used in all games.


28.       Visitors will have first bowl of block in all games. 


29.       All games shall be played to 21 up.


30.       A minimum of 4 blocks will be on the green at all times during league matches until completion of the fifth game.  Bowlers must be present one hour after the commencement of a match in order to participate.  A bowler must be present at the bowling green in order to be entered on the match score card.  The Home Team Captain, in all instances, will decide on the order of bowling in a match i.e. who will be bowling one (1) through to eight (8).


31.       Any team playing a non-registered player will forfeit the match.


32.       Teams not playing a full complement of bowlers will be fined £1 for each player short. Games involving bowlers who are not required to bowl because the opposing team is short of bowlers will be recorded as “ WALK OVER” with a score of 21 – 0 on the score card.  Any teams failing to submit a correct score card will be dealt with by the Executive Committee.


33.       Teams wishing to postpone matches other than in inclement weather must jointly agree to re-arrange the fixture on an open date in the bowling calendar.  The team that cancels the match must inform the Chairman/Fixture Secretary in writing or by telephone a minimum of 10 days before the date of the match and must confirm at that time the date of the re-arranged fixture.  The Executive Committee may impose a minimum fine of £5 on teams failing to comply with this rule.


34.       The Home Team Captain will be in possession of a current copy of the laws of the game as laid down by the British Crown Green Bowling Association and will carry the copy at all home matches.  The Home Team Captain will also carry a copy of the Rules and Bye-Laws of the Carlsberg-Tetley (North) Saturday Bowling League at all home matches.


35.       Team Captains must ensure that scorecards are checked every 5 ends and at the end of each game.


36.       All result cards will be posted or delivered to reach the Chairman/Fixture Secretary within ten (10) days.  If any result is not received within this period a fine of £2 will be levied.  Repeated failures to comply with this rule will be referred to the Executive Committee for any additional fine(s) over and above the £2, if considered appropriate.


37.       All league matches are to be completed by the end of September however matches may be continued into October by the decision of the League Management Committee.