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RULES 2024

1.   Each team to consist of 8 players (AGM 2022) and games to be 21up.

2.   Visiting teams to have first block and bowl.

3.   Visiting players will only be allowed on the match green for practice from 6: 15 p.m. or 6.45pm (Rule 14 AGM 2024). Such players will have exclusive use of the green from these times until commencement of the match.

4.   As the League has gone down to ONE Division, the following culture no longer applies. (AGM 2023). (When a Club has more than one Team in the League, the following borrowing culture comes into effect. Any player who plays 3 games for a team, within that club, in a higher division can no longer play in the lower division. The borrowing rule now applies for teams in the 2nd division. They can borrow players from other team (s), within that club, in the second division up to (but not including) a maximum of 3 times).

5.   League entrance fee per team: £40.00 (AGM 2024).

6.   When a Carmelite Cup match is drawn the following order of elimination shall apply: - Tie on aggregate.... the team with the most winners. If still a tie; the team with the best winners. If still a tie; 2nd, 3rd, 4th best winners etc. (AGM 2024 No Cup Competitions)

7.   Previous season Division One champions to be handicapped by 15 points on all home league matches. (AGM 2024)

8.  Home team to give visiting team 3 dates for replay of postponed matches. This is to be within a reasonable future.  The Fixture Secretary is to be informed as soon as dates agreed by both teams are established. Failure to fulfill the fixture may result in BOTH teams being awarded NO points. Visiting teams must turn up in all weathers.

9.  Match points for league games: One point to be scored for each individual win. Matches will be decided 2 points for HOME win, 3 points an AWAY win, 1 point HOME DRAW, 2 points for an AWAY DRAW. In case of a tie for divisional championships the team with the highest aggregate difference will be the champions. 2 points home win, 1 point home draw, 3 points away win and 2 points away draw.

10. Divisional Individual merit points; 2 points home win, 3 points away win. (AGM 2024)

11. Teams are allowed to register new players all season (AGM 2013) (monitored by League Management). A player can only play for 1 club in the League per season. If registered and played for that club in any CMS competition, he cannot transfer to another club within the CMS League in the same season.

12. If a team play unregistered players it will result in the games being awarded to the opponents and the result will be 21 - 0.

13. Not more than 4 games to be in progress at anyone time unless agreed by both Captains. If the Light or Weather is bad, then 5 games may be played at one time. A minimum of 4 games to be on the green, with a roll off, roll on procedure in force until no longer viable or match conclusion.

14. ) Matches to commence no later than 6:30 p.m. in April, August, September, & October and no later than 7:00 p.m. in May, June, & July (AGM 2024). Teams with floodlights can start at 7.00pm all season but must confirm with the visiting team.

15. Dates & times for Carmelite & Charles Taylor Cup matches will be nominated by the League Management Committee. (AGM 2022 No Cup Competitions)

16. No protest under any circumstance will be accepted unless it is received in writing by the League Secretary within 7 days of the incident.

17.  Match results must be sent to the League Fixtures Secretary weekly, either by post, email or by telephone.

18. No match practice will be allowed in the Carmelite & Charles Taylor Cup Finals. (AGM 2022 No Cup Competitions)

19. The League program will include Holiday Weeks.

20. All ‘Members’ clubs may be allowed to register any associate members. Such members are to qualify after 12 months membership. They may play for the team of their choice at that club.  (AGM 2023 this rule no longer applies)

21. Clubs will be fined £5.00 for failing to be represented at monthly meetings.

22. Carmelite & Charles Taylor Cup matches to be handicapped for all rounds including the Final as follows: Division One Champions from previous season, Scratch. All other teams to handicapped at the rate of 3 points per position lower in the League (AGM 2022 No Cup Competitions).

23. Team Captains must declare their last 4 players no later than 1 hour after the commencement of the match or 8.00pm whichever is the greatest (AGM 2013). All selected players must be present. Match card to be prepared at this point and names confirmed by both Captains.

24. Once a game has started and is interrupted, for any reason, the score and declared players shall at the re-arranged date, resume at the state of interruption. If a game is interrupted because a player is taken ill and unable to continue because of illness, then the score will stand at the interruption.

25. A sub committee shall be nominated to deal with any protests and allocation of prize money.

26. The decision to receive suitable trophies or cash will be left to the discretion of the winners. (AGM 2023)

27. As the League has gone down to ONE Division, the following rule no longer applies. (AGM 2023).The League shall consist of 2 Divisions to be decided at the end of each season as follows: - 2 teams from the bottom of division 1 to be relegated to division 2 and replaced by the top 2 teams in division 2. In the event of a tie then points difference to decide relegation/promotion. This may be altered by The Fixture Secretary to even out the number of teams playing in each Division (AGM 2015).

28. Junior members will be allowed to play in the League and Competitions.

29. The League shall have jurisdiction over all matters not provided for in these rules and may adopt such bye laws as may be deemed advisable.

30. Any changes to these rules may only be made at the Annual General Meeting.

31. League Meetings will normally be held on the last Thursday of the month. Unless deemed otherwise.

32. All games to be played in accordance with the Lancashire County Crown Green Bowling Association rules.

33. League matches may only be cancelled for inclement weather. Teams will give their opponents at least 7 days notice in writing, with a copy to the Secretary, for any other reason of cancellation. The offending team will be responsible for any expenses incurred, i.e. green fees.

34. All teams to play with "Standard Jacks (correctly date stamped)" and to comply with the Lancashire County Crown Green Bowling Association.

35. All League fixtures to be completed within 2 weeks of the end of the season. All the offending teams are to lose the match points.

36. Annual General Meeting voting strength: - Club with 1 team 1 vote, Clubs with 2 teams 2 votes, Clubs with 3 teams 3 votes. All Delegates must be present.

37. The League Treasurer will be responsible for receiving all moneys.

38. All cheques to be accounted for and signed by any two of the following: - League Chairman, League Treasurer or Trustee.

39. ‘Statement of Accounts’ to be voted on at the Annual General Meeting.

40. Only registered players from their own club may enter the Pairs Handicap, if held.

41. All pairs and singles handicaps to be played on Sundays.

42. All competition finals to be played as nominated by the League Management Committee (AGM 2013).

43. Failure of Club to be represented at an AGM will result in that club being fined £5.00



THE FOLLOWING HANDICAPS WILL APPLY FOR THE ABOVE COMPETITIONS IN ALL ROUNDS UP TO AND INCLUDING THE FINAL ROUNDS. Calculated from last season’s final League tables, except for NEW TEAMS entering the league, these handicaps are calculated at management’s discretion.

Thanks to Steve Blaymire for the "All But!" Crown Green Bowling League Data System. which is used to publish the results seen on this site.

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